Brochure & E-Booklet Design Package

Time: 1 Day Project

Price: £80*

Deposit: £80*

Hosting: £9 per month

Terms & Conditions

What do I provide with this brochure & e-booklet design?

If you require a short and informative brochure or e-booklet for your business then you’ve come to the right place! Sometimes a web page is not enough to fully explain yourself with, but a well-presented brochure or e-booklet could be ideal as an informative marketing tool. E-Booklet and Brochure design is an excellent way to get your brand message across in a simple, succinct way.

What you receive

  • One attractive e-booklet of six pages, or a brochure containing images or illustrations (supplied by myself)
  • Lorem ipsum copy unless you provide me with your own copy
  • File that needs to be edited in Adobe Acrobat Pro

What do I need from the you to get started?

Please upload as much information about your business as you can give me. The more I have to look at the more I can get a well-rounded idea what your business is about and help you improve your image and brand. This is in return will attract the right customers to your business and communication will be improved.

Why is this perfect for you?:

  • Your business is new and you want to introduce your company  to potential new clients
  • You were launching a new product or service and want to explain it in more depth
  • Your product deserves showcasing with high-quality images and persuasive copy

Past projects from my portfolio:

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First come, first served! Please contact to discuss my availability, possible schedules and deadlines.


1) Pricing excludes printing costs.
2) Hosting and domain not included, but can be arranged if required.
3) There can be no alterations or cancellations in instances where the products to be supplied are bespoke and manufactured to order.
4) You accept Elluse’s standard trade terms & conditions as well as any terms & conditions specific to the quotation above.
5) You accept that any alteration to the order at a later stage will attract a handling fee of £25 plus any costs that Elluse incurs in facilitating the alterations such as administration.
6) Any alterations additions made after receiving water-marked designs will be treated as a separate order.
7) Pricing will include consultation times and support on my hourly rate
8) Traveling costs to meet a client outside a 10-mile radius of my office with being included in invoice as well as administration costs.
9) I will include any administrations cost that is involved in starting and completing the package