Being placed in a box.

After many years working as a Graphic Designer, & Developer. The weird culture of being placed into a box, has always bothered me.

You will find when-ever you are taken on for a project, the person who takes you on will inevitably place you in a box. They will ask you to be ‘just’ this role and nothing else. So you may just end up writing HTML but not doing design, or doing design and no HTML.

Which is fine, that person is setting up a department and needs everyone to know their place in that department.

But what I find strange, is people who do this outside of the work place, I have found there are two types of people, one that sits back and says ‘you can be who-ever you want be and I don’t mind’, or the person who says you are this and if you won’t play by my rules, I don’t want to know you.

It just makes me think, whether this fundamental view on the world, is the reason why we have ‘wars and arguments’ so much. Maybe if we treated other another like a person and spent time to understand one another, we would get on better in the work place and outside.

Rather than looking inwards when meeting a person, you could open doors for them, by just being someone who encourages their ideas, and rather than playing the ‘be safe’ card and under-inspiring people. You could be a person that sees person aa another human being, rather than ‘a mother’, ‘a cleaner’ and so on, and treat everyone the same, as just another person who is the same as you.

You need to keep repeating to yourself.

You can be anything you want to be and deserve to be treated with respect from every human being.

Rant over.

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